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Domestic & International Freight

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Global Solutions

International - Import and Export -
(USA, Mexico, Brazil, Europe & Asia)

TSUS Logistics has the planning and executing capabilities to move your product in international markets.

We can help you during the process of shipment, cross-border, and delivery.

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Port Services

Connecting International and Domestic services to move your cargo if you need to go overseas.

TSUS Logistics has the partnerships and knowledge to help you navigate in international waters.

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Customs Services

Our customs and legal team offers the most secure guidelines to prevent disruptions in the supply chain.

We can help you import and export your cargo in USMCA, Brazil, and Asia.

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Focused on the requirements of our clients, our warehouse solutions provide quality and safe spaces for your merchandise in these locations:

    Laredo, Texas. USA

    Houston, Texas. USA

    Monterrey, NL. Mexico

* We'll outsource warehousing in different locations (if needed) to optimize your projects.

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